Wallet Friendly Fall Fitness Ideas

There are many ways to get back into a good fitness routine. When fall rolls around the corner and you’re not able to or just not wanting to spend a lot of money on your fitness there are other options. The kids go back to school and you have some free time again so why don’t you use it wisely and gather or purchase a few items to create your own home gym. I’m going to talk about a few staple pieces that are really going to help you get fit.

First, I’ll talk about the stability ball. These are great and can be incorporated into tons of routines but you have to be sure you get it in the right size. You’ll want to be able to sit on top of it with your knees bent at 90 degrees. Remember a 55 cm ball is going to be about 21 inches high. The amounts of exercises that can be done with a stability ball are plenty-full but the rewards are even more. Having a strong pain-free back and core is very important, using the stability ball not only helps you complete other exercises properly but can rid you of back pain in certain circumstances.

Next, is the lovely resistance band. The resistance band can be bought in different strengths. This can differ slightly between brands but it is common to find them in five colors. Yellow is associated with low resistance which could be about 5 pounds and red would be medium resistance which would be about 8 pounds. Green comes next, then blue, then black and the resistance gradually builds with those colors with the heaviest resistance in black.

Last we have to have a set of hand weights which are also a very versatile piece of exercise equipment. The ways to use them are endless and adding them along with other moves or to the resistance ball can make for that extra kick you’re looking for in your workout. To pick the right weight for you, you just need to keep in mind that while doing those last few repetitions of your set, that it should be feeling difficult. If that’s not the case then your weights aren’t heavy enough.

Now there are some days when you just might feel like going outside. It’s great to get some fresh air with your exercise and check out the scenery too. Walking is actually really great for you and you can burn around 245 calories per hour. If you want to hike you’ll be burning around 387 calories an hour. It’s simple before you head out for a hike you need to make sure you have the right running shoes. The best ones will have flex grooves across the balls of the bottom of the shoes to really bend comfortably and grip effectively on rougher terrain. Hopefully, these tips are just what you needed to get back into your groove for fall. Happy trails.